Some HGH faqs

Saturday Nov 1, 2008

Is is possible to consume human growth hormone or beyond hgh while dieting?

It is a great idea to take hgh while dieting if you want ot lose weight. But the diet should be a low-carb diet. A combination of low carb diet and growth hormone intake accompanied by daily exercise will provide the desired results.

When will I expect to notice some change?
Each and every individual is unique and hence their body and health differ widely. Hgh injections show quick results. As far as “beyond hgh” is concerned some people notice changes within a few days, some may take  weeks, and others may not see any change until a few months have passed. So the effect of HGH is different on different people.

How are HGH injections made?
Human growth hormone injections are similar to insulin. The HGH injections are created using prokaryotic micro-organisms, which generate human growth hormone in a strictly controlled laboratory.

Why did I not hear about human growth hormone before?
Earlier only the wealthy and elite people and athletes could afford to travel to Europe or Mexico for “prescription only”, recombinant human growth hormone. The cost of these injections was up to $30,000.00 per year and then they had to endure the pain of daily injections. Thereafter other HGH related products were designed and many suppliers in order to make quick money decided to sell these products.

Is it possible to reverse the process of aging?
According to some physicians and researchers, it is possible to reverse the process of aging. Medical research shows that human growth hormone plays an important role in liver, brain, heart and kidney regeneration. It also assists in protein utilization and metabolism. People who desire healthy and long lives use HGH injections and thereby feel and look younger.

Is it safe to use HGH?
HGH has been studied for decades and there are not any harmful side effects that has been reported so far like other hormones can have. It is a non-toxic naturally occurring hormone, not a substance that is alien to the body. Hgh injections are a controlled substance available only by prescription. However  always consult your physician before taking it especially women who are pregnant and under the age of 30, or have health issues or problems.

Who should consume HGH?
Adults above 30 years of age can consume HGH. You can test for IGF-1 levels or serum levels before HGH intake if you want to know the amount of HGH deficiency. Consult your doctor before using HGH injections or supplementation.

Can HGH injections be used with other supplements?
It facilitates absorption and utilization of food nutrients and supplements. You need fewer supplements with HGH injections.

Does the use of HGH supplements cause cancer?
There is an evidence that indicates that HGH supplements cause cancer.  Dr. Chen and Dr. Terry. Chen and Terry run a clinic where they administer HGH injections to HGH deficient patients. From 1994 to 1996 they treated over 800 patients using HGH injections. It has been reported that all these patients suffer fron cancer. As Dr. Terry stated in Grow Young with HGH, “With 800 people over the age of about 40, you would think that given normal incidence rate of cancer, some of these people would get cancer. It could be that there is some sort of protective effect from growth hormone replacement.”

How can I measure my HGH levels?
HGH is present in the body for a short period of time. However IGF-1  is present in the body at all times. Since, IGF-1 does most of the work for HGH,  it is easier to measure IGF-1 levels. The blood and saliva tests show  IGF-1 levels. If IGF -1 levels are low then you can definitely profit from HGH enhancing supplements.

Are the claims of people selling HGH product that their product contain “real HGH” true?
There are a number of dishonest people in the world, selling fake HGH products , especially the claims you see on the web. In recent months, a disturbing trend is being witnessed in which creators of Homeopathic HGH products are making some bizarre and untrue claims.