HGH Skin Patch

Saturday Nov 1, 2008

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is responsible for the maintenence youthful strength, energy, stamina, appearance and a number of other things associated with youth. The HGH levels can be increased through injections, which are expensive and not everyone can afford them.
Another way to  enhance HGH level in the body is through the use of natural HGH releasers though the pituitary gland continues to produce HGH throughout the life of an individual.The release decreses over a period of time.

The HGH Skin Patch which contains natural nutrients such as glutamine peptides and colostrums effectively helps the pituitary gland to secrete  large amount of HGH. The HGH skin patch contains all natural hormone free ingredients and is an absolutely safe and cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of anti-aging and thereby increase longevity.
HGH Skin Patch is created to be used with convenience and ease.
You just have to simply peel and place the HGH skin patch over your skin. This is a great formula for those people who are sensitive to alcohol, however still want to receive the beneficial effects of increase in Growth Hormone level. It is believed that this easy to use patch is effective and you dont even have to take the pains of swallowing HGH pills three times a day. You just have to place it over your face and leave it to work.

Homeopathic treatment has been successfully used for over 200 years.

Proderm-HGH is the latest 12-hour time-release HGH seal from Newton-Everett Biotech. The merit of patches over pills or powders is that skin patches bypass the digestive system and provides a slow and steady delivery in the bloodstream. It is a good choice for people who find it difficult to swallow tablets or upset their stomachs while consuming these  tablets or powders. The extra strength patch contains 5,400ng of Somatotropin (HGH) 3C/30C (also available in regular strength 3,600ng).

Proderm-HGH is the most convenient and effective advanced technology which provides the benefit of increase in  Growth Hormone. The entire medical fraternity now believes that increasing HGH levels might help improve health, increase energy levels, decrease body weight,and many  more such benefits.

Proderm-HGH does not contain any animal by-products. The Proderm-HGH homeopathic seal provides you quick results without your bothering to take HGH pills three times a day. Just apply over face and let it work. Some of the benefits received by HGH Seal users:

Lose Body fat
Revives Youthful Skin 
enhances  Energy & Endurance
Builds Muscle mass 
Strengthens Immune System
Natural Anti-Depressant
Improves Sleep
Improves Vision and Hearing
Increases sex drive
Proderm-HGH Extra Strength Ingredients:
Somatotrophin (HGH) 3C/30C 5,400ng

Proderm-HGH Seal usage:
Use fresh seal five days a week.Proderm-HGH Seal can be used along with other Homeopathic products.