Are HGH injections are an overdose or not

Saturday Nov 1, 2008

The entire medical fraternity agrees that HGH injections were too strong in the landmark clinical studies by Dr. Daniel Rudman in 1986. These high growth hormone injection dose shut down the body’s hormone development feedback system and in turn increase the production of the age advancemnet “anti HGH” hormone called “somatostatin”.

It is not that our HGH levels only decline, however this anti-age advancing HGH substance, somatostatin begins to increase as we grow older and worsens through the use of  injections. If immediate action is not taken, somatostatin may rapidly increase the process of aging.

Researchers in this feild for over 10 years have always contended that the high dose of growth hormone injections may actually accelerate the aging process if the person using it  ever tries to quit the injections.

An injection of one international unit (i.u.) is equivalent to 350,000 nanograms. The amount produced by the body in a 24-hour period is 50,000 nanograms approximately. This means that an injection is 7 times the quantity normally produced by the body. Once injected, a huge amount of HGH goes and mingles into the bloodstream. Thereafter a massive feedback occurs.

This proves that the HGH injection dose is far in excess of the body’s natural production of HGH. As a result, it falsely simulates the body’s production requirement of GH, thereby shutting down the body’s natural pituitary production.

HGH injections long term effects 
The long term effects of a chronic overdose of HGH is not known even in the medical fraternity.  However many scientists and researchers rule out the possibility of cancer. These doses, although too high, bring about a  decrease in cancer.  

Basketball players who are born with abnormally high doses of growth hormone develop acromegaly and gigantism as a result. They do not show any signs of cancer because of the high levels of growth hormone.

Children who sufer from  cancer can take growth hormone safely. In fact children who have taken growth hormone for years do not develop cancer. Therefore people who have the highest levels of growth hormone in their bodies naturally are at the lowest risks of cancer.

One in the three aging people suffer from cancer. This is not due to a decrease in HGH level but because of a decline in the functionality of the immune system. HGH helps in the strengthening of the immune system. Very small changes in IGF or HGH level do not contribute  in developing cancer. However, large changes in IGF with out proper ratios of HGH is very unsafe. There are many bad products available that only increase IGF levels.

A 20 year old possess around  20 ng/ml of HGH level and a 60 year old produces around 2 ng/ml. AEON carefully increases serum HGH and keeps it under 20 ng/ml. This means you have younger serum levels and there is no over-stimulation of the pituitary and thus there is no shutdown of your body’s own natural production activity of GH.

The AEON growth hormone is the ultimate low dose and high frequency protocol. AEON growth hormone, taken twice a day, absorbs into the body and prevents the negative activity of the hormonal feedback system and the artificial stimulation of “anti-growth hormone”, “somatostatin” that HGH injections create.

With longer AEON 5000 GH use, greater age mitigating effects can be seen.Growth hormone levels decrease so significantly as we age that raising them causes a fight against the overall bone, muscle, and hair and brain deterioration.

The use of  AEON growth hormone and the “Anti Growth Hormone Ante dote” SOMASTATIN™ have produced amazing results like an increase in the  physical strength and a youthful appaearance taht boost confidence levels and makes life worth living.

Is taking Growth Hormone enough
As we grow older, we produce less Growth Hormone and more of the “Anti Growth Hormone”, somatostatin. This two phase decline rapidly accelerates our aging process. Many adults develop insulin resistance (typeII diabetes). Similarly we naturally produce less growth hormone and more of the “Anti Growth Hormone”, somatostatin.
At present, the HGH injection protocol recommends one fifth of the 1986 dosage at a higher frequency. The AntiAging Research Laboratories  and many other people in the scientific community, maintain that even the lowered HGH injection dose is too high. This is why many practitioners use the only known antidote to somatostatin, called SOMASTATIN™, the anti-growth hormone antidote.